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Friday, June 17, 2011

Discipline: Anti-dose to Corruption

When a Battalion passes through a bridge, it does not march past. Reason - the resonance created through the repetition of marches in harmony creates waves powerful enough to destroy the bridge. Such is the power of Discipline.

It is a tragedy the a sadhu died after fasting for 116 days of battle unnoticed in the same hospital where mighty people bee lined to offer a glass of juice to break open the fast of yoga Czar Ramdev. This pinched a lot to the masses including me. The poor departed soul was on indefinite fast against mining in the basin of the holy river Ganga. Indeed, he was fasting for a noble cause. All most all the important cities are existing at the bank of some river. If a river dies, the most of our rivers are dying; the cities at their banks would also die. Three fourth of our metabolism is water and if we are insensitive towards source of water, we are cease to exist in the time ahead.
India saw trembling Central Government at the fast of Anna Hazare on the issue of Corruption. He wants a law to punish those who got caught for corruption. The Central Government bended forward to appease Anna. It was followed by Ramdev fast. People saw in the beginning the Central Government gave him red carpet treatment but soon made him run in ladies garments. The difference between Anna and Ramdev is that Anna is an honest social activist without any hidden agenda or self-interest. Whereas, Ramdev is high on Rs 1100 Crore corporate empire aspiring to capture power at Delhi. So both made a different impact in the name of the same cause.

The Central Government is playing with Anna & team on the issues of domain of the Anti-Graft (Lokpal) Bill. The Government wants to keep the positions of Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India out of the Bill and Anna is determined to include all in it. I wonder, what is the point in keeping the offices of Prime Minister and Chief Justice out of the Bill? Honest India needs honest Prime Minister and honest Chief Justice. If Lord Ram can renounce Sita ji on the allegation of a washer man, Late Lal Bahadur Shastriji can resign from Rail Minister post taking moral responsibility of a rail accident, why not the top positions of Indian system be a part of the same treatment meant for the rest of the country? An Honest citizen would emerge clean only after any such allegation.

Now I come to the main issue, corruption. We have corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, judges, officers et all because Indians pay bribe. We pay bribe to meet out our small selfish motive. Will a law on corruption remove corruption? The answer is a big NO. It would turn into another law used by the powerful people to fix their enemies. The answer to corruption is DISCIPLINE in life. We need to grow up to sacrifice our self-interests for the bigger cause of honesty in public life. If we the people don’t pay bribe, how can anyone take bribe and cultivate corruption?

The honesty is a very powerful weapon. When honesty is practiced by people, no one can dare to even dream of taking bribe. We have the example of Anna Hazare. He is dead honest. He has lived Gandhian values throughout his life. This makes him powerful to crumble the might of the powerful Central Government. The fast of Anna could not get un-noticed like that of the poor departed soul of the Sadhu who left this world fasting for 116 days. We, the people of this country, need to practice discipline to bring honesty in our civil/public life to grow strength to frighten the corrupt to its roots. Do we have this courage or are we looking for an eye wash in the form of another law? The choice is yours but it will decide the fate of the country that is at a very crucial phase of joining the club of the most powerful countries in the world or to remain a big bunch of struggling people for even the basic necessities. India as a global power is in the interest of the world. Give a sacrifice of your pity self-interest and contribute to grow together as a powerful India where the sin of corruption has no place.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!!

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