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Friday, August 22, 2008

India Needs Liberation from Article 370

Law is not static; it is dynamic. It is true that Article 370 was instrumental in the signing of the accession instrument which made J&K a part of India. Since then much water has flown both in Jhelum and Yamuna. Since independence we have almost lost more than one third of J&K to Pakistan and China which are known to the world as Azad Kashmir (PoK to India) and Aksi Chin (if I rightly remember this name). Four wars have been fought and much blood of the sons of main soil has been sacrificed in this process. The present condition is our neighbour has succeeded in her ulterior motives by dividing J&K on communal lines. There is hardly any supporter of India on her own soil in Kashmir valley, to which we hypocritically say an integral part of India. Please look into the sub section 3 of Article 370 which says that President of India can struck down this Article only after the due consent of the Constituent Assembly of J&K. Will you call it a Sovereign Power of our nation in which it has to seek permission of anyone sitting outside Parliament of India? What kind of integral part of India is this State which has its own Constitution and laws to run the State? What kind of integrity is reflected in this State which needs deployment of a major part of Indian Army to carry the myth of its integrity with India?

The current Amaranth Trust issue would not have caught national headlines if it had taken place at any place out of J&K in any other State. The pictures of Kashmir Valley are terrifying to any patriot. The state of affairs is alarming. This is high time to accept the mistakes committed by the political parties in power to mess up the issues. There are hundreds of amendments to the Constitution. Even under Article 370, a part has already been repealed. The country is facing the threat to her integrity, if we assume that J&K is an integral part of India. J&K is head of mother India. Just like head which requires more blood than any other organ in a human body, J&K has been pumped more young blood of the nation than required to any other State. India is a Sovereign nation. Her sovereignty is challenged every second in Kashmir valley. Please go and face the Pakistan fanatic mob in the street as an Indian Army soldier. You would realise how tough is to face anti Indian sentiments carrying mob and maintain the law and order to keep mission Kashmir going. You would perhaps also realise how tough it is to those poor soldiers to hold their sentiments to accept those Pakistani (read anti national elements) as fellow citizen. You may also realise how difficult it is to respect human rights in such tough conditions and how easier it is to write human rights of terrorists and anti nationals.

The newspapers report regularly how brutally Indians civilians are treated for years in Pakistani prisons and thrown back in Indian territory when they lost all senses. I do read such stories in media but never saw any human rights violation alarm from media on behalf of those poor civilians. Are all moral obligations unwritten laws for India and all liberty for Pakistan? It is easy to target defence personnel as they can be spotted in their uniforms but it is a violation of human rights even to suspect a terrorist. It is very difficult to fight against enemies within our territories as they always remain in the disguise of common civilians until they play their game. Please have some sympathy if not support to our own brothers in defence uniforms and report about them also outside the defined headline of publishing the news of their martyrdoms while serving the nation.

With the first Sun of Modern Independent India we saw division of our land into two parts. Then we lost a major portion of J&K to Pakistan and China. We are peace loving country but we are neither eunuch nor impotent. But we are not ready to sacrifice our blood for baking breads of the politicians. Please come out to the ground realities and drag those too outside their comfort zones who have mastered the art of securing the right of ruling the nation in the name of people. Else, history will never forgive any one of us while describing another disintegration of India.

Please try to see what is written on the wall. If signing the document of accession was the need to 1947, saying goodbye to Article 370 is the demand of time. It would be justice with those Indian soldiers who have given their lives considering fighting for their own nation on the soil of J&K. It would integrate J&K with such strength that then never again Pakistan could be able to divide people living in the State on communal lines. Please add your voice to create a thunder of Indian masses support, it would be heard and transform into the liberation to India from Article 370.


Sargam Jain said...

Very well written RD...!! Its true that Kashmir is (and always has been) a burning issue for the Indian soil. Article 370 is an unnecessary burden upon the Indian Constitution and must be sent into trash. But it will not happen, not today, neither on any other day. I have been to Kashmir, and the truth is that Kashmiris don't want to be Indians, nor do they wanna be Pakistanis. The ground reality in Kashmir is far different than what is being portrayed by Media. Not deviating, if they don't wanna be Indians, then, what we need to do is drive them away. Human Rights? Who cares for them? US doesn't, why should we?

Indira Gandhi, a few years ago, straightened the whole of North-East region by telling them simply that she wasn't interested in them at all, all that mattered to her was the land. India stopped supporting them and they all got straight without any external aid. Same is the case with Kashmir Valley too, people there are dumb enough to feel that Pakistan is interested in humans; its a materialist world!

Well, Article 370 should be struck down, and if not so, then India should also be given a special status with respect to Kashmir- such that, Kashmiris are also not able to purchase land in the rest of India. If we're not THEM, then why should they be US?

Rahul said...

Thanks Sargam. A well thought comments. Indeed we are interested in the land of J&K and not those who think they are not Indians. Indian soil is for Indians only, rest are free to leave. Thanks for ur comment. I am not having ur current cell number and expecting the honor to have that one day.

Tarun said...

There are several laws like this that need to be trashed as they have far outlived their usefulness. I fully support the scrapping of Article 370 so that the region can be integrated and assimilated into India. Today, the problem exists in Kashmir due to the law which should have been revoked in the 70's. If the Congress party can start thinking beyond it greed and ambition it can start doing something for the nation.