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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Terrorism in Pakistan

Late Benazir Bhutto’s daughter is mourning for her mother by writing poems on her mother and singing the same. I can understand the pain and agony of the young lady who lost her mother in a terrorist attack. When I see towards this poor young lady with inconsolable sympathy, my attention invariably goes towards her immediate family members. I regret that the father of this young lady has learned nothing from the tragic loss of his ‘beloved’ wife. Perhaps Mr. Ten Percent of the yesteryears of Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto’s regime has earned the last bounty by the tragic death of mother of his children by getting elected to the top official position in Pakistan. Had it not been so he, and under his reign the Pakistan Government, would not have reacted so shamelessly to the Mumbai terror in front of the world community.
Pakistan is the hub of terrorism; this fact is now well known to the world. Unfortunately it has remained at the top of agendas of each Pakistani ruler for the last two decades. Terrorism has friends only among death, mourning and destruction. The fire of terrorism, which is the creation of Pakistan, has created destruction around the globe and has come back to Pakistan to create more friends for her known as death, mourning and destruction. I wonder what Pakistan has earned by inventing terrorism? The more surprising is the fact that after knowing and experiencing the havoc created by the dinosaur of terrorism there is not even sign of reprimanding what a blunder they have created.
I praise the patience of my country, India, in keeping calm and not indulging in the loop of mistakes with our beloved neighbour Pakistan by waging a war. I say beloved neighbour because excluding the ruling class which has always reasons to curse India, I have seen the affection and similarity among people across the border of both the countries. I have witnessed the rolling tears in the eyes of Pakistanis while going back to their home countries after paying friendly visits to India. The economic condition of Pakistan is well-known the world. It is not long back to get faded away in the memory of people that Pakistan was virtually bankrupt. On a plain and simple demand of India to handover those nasty elements responsible for the terrorist attacks on her soil, Pakistan is threatening for waging a war against India and doing all possible efforts to save the skins of terrorist attacks masterminds. If Pakistan dares to repeat the mistake to wage a war against India for third time, I am afraid it would collapse due to financial crunch in between the war itself. The land of Gandhi which practices non-violence is the fourth mightiest in terms of defence forces in the world. India’s patience should not be mistaken as her weakness. Pakistan has tested and experienced the India’s mettle in past, so knows it better. As far as trigger of war from India is a concerned, it is a very remote possibility. It is a remote possibility because as a land of Buddha, India, knows that peace cannot be traded in the coins of artillery shells. India knows who are the friends of terrorism. If Pakistan continues the friendship with terrorism, there is no need to name who would be next friends to Pakistan. In the last two decades of honeymoon between Pakistan and terrorism, peace and wealth have fleeted away from Pakistan. If this trend continues and rulers of Pakistan could not see the poems of their daughters wet with their tears, Pakistan will die natural death. Terrorism will eat it up. India needs just to wait and pay the price of being a neighbouring country to Pakistan by bearing perhaps, God forbade, a few more burnt of terrorism.
I, as a proud Indian like any other Indian, assure Pakistan that India is not going to wage a military war against her, as it is not required. If Pakistan does not break relationship with terrorism and India’s patience prevails, terrorism will eat up Pakistan; else if India’s patience could not persist to see the imminent fall of Pakistan then there are many technological methods to bring Pakistan on the right track.
Pakistan boasts for being a Muslim country, but still India has more proud Muslims as her sons and daughters. The rulers of Pakistan have sown the seeds of hatred against India in her masses to mislead them to secure their votes to rule them. This is communication age; Pakistan should learn that such propaganda is not going to work anymore. The Pakistani rulers will have to serve the masses to win their votes. Pakistan will have to learn that it is in a very crucial stage of an endless civil war which may give birth to multiple nations out of it. This is in the interest of Pakistan to see terrorism as its enemy and stop treating it as a friend.
I shall be glad to see peaceful, happy and prospering Pakistan enjoying friendly neighbour relations with India. But for that the rulers will have to have the hearts to feel the pain, agony and helplessness of their children and eyes to see tears wet pages on which their children are mourning deaths of their dear beloved ones by writing poems and ears to listen what they have lost in the words wrapped in poems.