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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fourteen Reasons why India cannot become a Super Power

Before going point-by-point reasons, I want to make it clear like most of the other fellow citizens I too love my nation. The brainstorming on reasons stating facts obstacles for India to become a Super Power is just a positive criticism. I have more reasons but I would like to confine to top FOURTEEN reasons.

INDIA cannot become Super Power despite of having all the qualities of becoming a Super Power, rather India is an unofficially declared Super Power!

The following are the reasons:

ONE. Indian political leadership is more concerned about itself; In place of Nation First, Nation Last is a sad but true fact. Indian democratic system has not matured in 62 years to bring quality in politics.

TWO. India is too crowded. So it will always remain a soft target to hit from inside. The nation guarantees safeguard to the life and property, but sadly enforcement of even fundamental rights is a time consuming costly affair. The densely populated unorganized towns do not promise safety even to a common man. There are so many porous entry points to sneak into Indian soil that it is easy to attack India by guerrilla warfare. It is stupid to think of an ambience which promotes economic development. Without economic development only terrorist, separatists and naxilite groups can flourish.

THREE. Indian borders are full with nasty neighbours. They will never appreciate a Super Power neighbour. China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar are not friendly neighbours who would like to go an extra mile to ensure that India does not become a Super Power.

FOUR. There is a vast difference between quality of life of people. The highest class perhaps spends more on mineral water than what a below poverty line person (With new poverty line bar to $1.25 from $1.08 per day earning), almost half of the Indian population is below poverty line.

FIVE. The Indian Defence Forces themselves need freedom from the Bureaucracy to groom itself. So with all due respect to the defence personnel, India forces look formidable only on paper. They need a lot more to make India to the class of Super Power. The glaring example of defence needs is flying coffers. Courage, honesty and high quality defence personnel are good for nothing without state of art warfare gadgets. The arms and ammunition should be at least matching the standards of the enemies. But it is no one’s concern as decision makers don’t sent their sons and daughters to serve in defence forces.

SIX. Corruption! Corruption is a deep rooted termite to Indian system. It exists in the form of bribe and commission in government machinery and in the form of dowry in our social life. Think of the alarming sex ratio. Where from the country will bring young blood to keep the life line of the nation live without girls?

SEVEN. Justice delayed is justice denied. India needs to improve both judge: population ratio and judgment: Cases ratio. Without efficient rule of law, no country can even dream of becoming a super power.

EIGHT. The Government machinery needs overhaul (rather replacement). Rajiv Gandhi discovered that each Rupee 1 send from Delhi reaches to the pubic in the poor shape of Paisa 15. Rahul Gandhi, son of late Rajivji, admits that now only Paisa 5 reaches for each Rupee sent from Delhi to the public. I appreciate the truthfulness of father-son duo who dared to accept this fact of eating up of public money by the government machinery. Their admission becomes more important with the fact that their own political party ruled the nation for the most of the time since independence in 1947. None else ever came forward even to make such a statement. Both Rupee One send from Delhi and Paisa 15 received at public end are public money. We do not need such a machinery which eats more than what it delivers. India cannot become a super power with this useless Government Machinery.

NINE. India has not preserved her natural resources. From digging Arawali Hills in North West to exploring natural gas in Cavery basin, polluting rivers to such an extent that they are in their dying stage, cutting trees to make forests cover to a pity state, depletion of ground water level and covering the land with a thick layer of poly bags has made India man made desert.

TEN. There is senseless development. Virtually nothing has been done in the North East part and most of the stress has been given for the economic development to a few places like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. It is an amazing fact of our constitution which permits a state (J&K) to have her own constitution. We not only discriminate among States which in integrity makes India but also discriminate people on the basis of caste and religion. With so much stress on breaking apart the things which makes us a nation, how can we dream of becoming a super power?

ELEVEN. India does not have a vision. After a long time India had a visionary leader, India’s missile man Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, at the top most constitutional post of President of India. He gave India vision 2020. But did we moved ahead with the same synergy after his retirement? We have lost vision 2020 for history books.

TWELVE. We, the people of this great nation, who in integrity make India, have grown to 130 Crore in number but unfortunately do not have even a single leader who is acceptable and respected across the length and breadth of this great country. This is the reason we don’t have a vision. Without a road map and a leader to lead the nation on a single track, how is it possible to even think of becoming a Super Power?

THIRTEEN. India is a growing economy considered among top ten growing economies of the world. But India does not have sufficient energy to run the engines of economy. It has persistently failed to generate enough electricity for fulfilling the demand of industry and simultaneously provide electricity for agriculture and domestic use. People live in horrible conditions without electricity for hours in temperature above 42 degree Celsius. The economy of the nation dances at the tunes of fossil fuels price fluctuations. This is one of the strongest reasons for India lacking quality to become a super power.

FOURTEEN. India is in sub-tropic part of the globe. It provides an ideal environment for most of the bacteria and virus. The poor hygiene manners among almost all of us make the nation vulnerable to brisk business in medical science related trade and profession. Water is life. None can survive without water. There is almost no public place where safe drinking water is available without a price tag. There is no public place which is not carrying an evident of Paan lovers. Splitting at public places is a right. Similarly releasing oneself from urinal urge at any place is a birth right. If one thinks that so called high status people take care of common hygiene manners, the toilets of Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains, Aeroplanes and even Ministries would prove you wrong. This is one such topic in which habits of most of us are common and thus unite us. No one has right to misuse rather abuse freedom granted through independence. The readers may strange what is the big fuss in this topic in relation to reason for which India cannot become a super power. Well, your behaviour pattern at public places indicates our alertness for behaving like a responsible citizen. The pity looking lack of hygienic manners shows lack of discipline. Lack of discipline is nothing but failure and anarchy, which does not take us towards becoming super power.

I wish none of the reason remain even a single day to release India from obstacles to become a Super Power. But wishes seldom come true by just prayers.



sudarshan said...

Dear Rahul
1. i sincerely appriciate the concern you have been airing through your blog. In todays fast moving life most of us have no time for all this till a point of no return is reached. Please keep it up.
2. THough i may not agree with all your points in totality, but on the whole the article is thought provoking, i will try to reson out a few things in the following paragraphs, which are the indicators of us moving towards a better tommorrow.

3. In a country like ours which had been "GULAM" for centuries, where the slavery is running in our blood , 62 years is a small time to become like one of the advanced nations. we are making a slow and steady progress. In todays parliament , there is only one "angutha Chap" all others are Graduates/ Post Graduates. Though that does not mean that they are honest and dedicated.

4. Point Two. Again popuation is one of the most essential ingredients to be a super power. it only requires catalysts like education to start showing its effect on the masses.I also think
barring a few exceptions India is pretty safe.
5. Difference in the quality of life. I agree but dont you think the people have at last started realizing this, Example is downscaling of salary package by Rilaince industries Chairman .

6. Corruption . Well said but who is responsible for this . all of us want the things to be done in a ziffy. the teaching has to start at home. New generation seems to be better. Cheers.

7. Judges . the latest thinking in this direction has already started.Point in case is the Karnataka CJ.

8. Dont you think the RTI, the privatisation are doing a good job in this direction. the SArkari
admi is beginning to understand the time has come to wake up.

9. I think things are bad but not very bad . We are good , we need to get our act together.
Happy writing.

Joel said...

India is marching ahead of becoming a super power in 2020. The Government has to heed to the desires of the people. Corruption in all forms will be rooted out in these couple of years.Righteous, young and energetic leaders from the Public will take themselves to the Parliament and Provide solution to the Deep rooted problems of the society.

Rahul Dutta said...

I too wish your words come true!! Amen!!!
Thanks for your comments.